Welfare project

Proposals of the 100% welfare concept.

“The set of elements that together with the product create a whole”

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Women’s race against cancer

Proposals of promotional posters for the company in the Women’s race against cancer in Barcelona to give our support to the cause and publicize the product. Possibility of creating gift material for the participants.

Motto of the event “in front of cancer you will never be alone

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Corporate material – Examples for cup

Design creation project for a gift cup, how corporate material of the company. In this case with:

Thematic of the product

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Also with different slogans:

Connect with your body

Slogan tests with different cup colors

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Take care of your body

Using the previous design, but changing the words. Test color with blue and white.

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You will it notice and they will it notice

Different examples of slogan composition. Typography tests for one of the final designs.

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Newsletters of ECO-lògic!

In addition to selling organic products, in the store we did workshops and talks on topics related to the philosophy of the company. To keep the clients informed, we sent monthly the information of the activities by newsletter through mailchimp.

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Social networks ECO-lògic!

During the months that I worked for this company, I was responsible for manage the social networks and creating all the posts to publicize the different products of store.

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I also created posts to better inform customers of the materials, products, methods and activities.

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And to remember the special days of the year.

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